Life in the Admin Lane

It’s no carpool I’ll tell you that. Har har… Ok, Ok, I kid.

Apparently, this is what working late one afternoon does to a person – I start making jokes that make even me cringe!

Being an administrator definitely has its perks. Especially when working at such a cool place like Kripalu. But today I noticed myself suffering like I actually had problems and it sorta bummed me out. I’m absolutely positive that the bright computer screen is causing my eyesight to deteriorate and today I could hardly bend my thumb – carpal tunnel perhaps? It makes me nervous – whats wrong with this world when a healthy happy 20-something notices evidence of body decay? It’s just sad really. So I did what anyone in my position would do to cheer up. I took my work to my haven-away from home where the coffee flows bottomless and the wifi is fast and free. Ok, ok, and my adorable boyfriend is there to give me a wink and kiss. Yes, that helps too.

Now if only the thumb would heal. At least I can get fun glasses to help my eyes but I really wouldn’t know what to wear with a hand cast.





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