Things I Love Thursday: 11-17-11…Pumpkin edition

One word: Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie

As its middle of fall I think the time is right to declare my LOVE of pumpkin pie. I love it so much that I ate (and shared) half of the last pie I baked before I could snap a photo. But let’s be real, I love anything pumpkin. So much in fact that last night someone almost drank a pumpkin ale solely on account that they knew of my affection for all things pumpkin. (Alas, they chose another beverage…which is fine because that means more pumpkin ale for me!). But I also love pumpkins, as this photo below suggests. I put a lot of time into that thing!


No joke – this fall, I surrounded myself with pumpkin. Here’s what happened to the stars that were discarded from the jack-o-lantern.

Simeon strung them up with a few dried flowers, bay leaves, garlic, and pumpkin seeds for a festive decoration. The colors were perfect together and used up a few odds and ends we had around.

Then I made two different kinds of pumpkin pie cupcakes. Soooo good.

I’m thinking of doing a taste test of all the pumpkin ales to find my favorite. But even if that never happens, I’ll be ok. Because in a couple weeks I get to indulge in Pumpkin wine! Oh lord, tis the season. 🙂

Have a great weekend!





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