Things I Love Thursday: And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Thursday. Today is one of those days held together by spit and duct tape. But only in moments when I regress to the puddle that is self-pity rather than the Truth of my experience in this moment. Reality RIGHT NOW exudes support, laughter, cheers, loving texts, thoughtfulness, exceptional work, vibrancy, integration and love. What a wonderful world where one moment I feel like I’m slowly slipping backwards and down and as soon as I feel myself beginning to slide I realize that I’ve stopped. The awareness meditation I’ve been practicing loosely for years is taking hold of my absent minded brain and I take a breath, remembering that where there is breath there is life.

This Thursday I am thankful for my coworkers. The brilliant people who bring me back to Kripalu year after year. The souls who align with purpose and integrity and work for a cause. The paperwork is soulwork, the mission driven atmosphere a sponge of safety from which I can risk my life. Risk really living.

I love it here.




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