A Blessing for Friday the 13th

Nike Just Run Branding

If you set up riverbanks, the river knows where to flow. If you don’t give yourself a seat, you’re more likely to run. If you dare to be coached, you give yourself the chance to live into who you’re becoming instead of who you were.I’m all in this January. All in to bring my WHOLE self to work, to the people — friends, strangers, co-workers , and to the cause of living life beyond my old expectations. In moving towards that ever-expanding end, I want to set the stage with a benediction on the morning of a day that often is seen as a cause for fear and anxiety. (By the way, I LOVE Friday the 13th, it’s often one the better days when I’m keeping track of ’em).

Today (and always),

May I set proper boundaries to allow juicy goodness to move me and through me.

May I encourage myself to achieve my goals by paving the way with intention and acknowledging and preparing for obstacles.

May I be a light. A beckoning towards the knowing that we are all in this together, our work together bigger than we know and more influential than we imagine.

May you be inspired to follow the light of that which calls to you.

Happy Friday y’all!



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