Certified Awesome at Life

Natanya GreenRecently, I was challenged to come up with a “diploma” of my life’s accomplishments. Could be any of the many things I’ve done in my life – whatever I was “Certifiable” in, “Master” of, or even where I was merely “Proficient”. Rather than inspiration the activity brought up major anxiety. As I looked back at my credentials in the literal sense, I only saw how it took me 6 years and multiple starts to finish my Bachelor’s degree; I haven’t even cracked open a GRE study book in years.

What do I have on my friends with their MFAs and PhDs? Sooo, it was obvious that the ‘Who ME?’ bug had bitten. And I got called out on it. So I sat and thought. In 26 years have I really accomplished nothing?? Impossible. I set out to start a list…And suddenly, I found a lot to be proud of, if only I cared to look! For instance, did you know I’m exceptionally skilled at baking cookies out of a box? You’d never guess they weren’t from Paula Deen’s personal kitchen! AND, I’m exceptionally loyal to my favorite Thai dish. Exceptionally.

Ok, so I’m being a little cheeky. But, it’s a fair question and one worth asking of yourself. Where do YOU dazzle and wow the world? In what field can you say you excel?  I know some of us have at times have wondered if we’ve done enough in our lives or are curious about what kind of legacy we’re really leaving, and all of us I venture to guess care about what impact we are making on the world. So with that in mind, here’s the start to my list (I definitely have a PhD in starting things)…

  • Recently retired from the ‘All or nothing’ mode of thinking (hallelujah).
  • Ace at trying again after failing the first time.
  • Master of idea generation. For example I once thought about co-writing a Teen Tax Guide, a Teen Puberty Guide, and a Teen Financial Planning Guide. None of which happened, but for all of which I had questions.
  • Well traveled. Visited over a dozen countries before I graduated high school.
  • Dynamic inspirational speaker. I have spoken in front of hundreds at a large sales conference,  one-on-one with a friend who needed reminding of her brilliance, in the midst of a workday when morale was low, impromptu on invitation.
  • Magnificent manifestor. This year’s short list includes…a boyfriend, a job, a car, perfect places to call home, ways to save $$ big time, travel, vacations, fun fun fun, presents, incredible sunsets (and sunrises actually!)
  • Super Conflict Resolution Facilitator and Effective Communicator.Trained in Israel, advanced practice in Santa Barbara, and lots and lots and lots of additional study and practice at Kripalu.
  • Professional Life Appreciator. I take inspiration seriously.
  • I can make melted crayon art like nobody’s business.
  • Best “I can’t believe I’m the Homecoming Queen?!” face. That was fun.
  • Phenomenal fine motor skills. No really, they rock.
  • Experienced spider catcher and exporter. As long as I’ve got a vessel and a piece of paper, I’m your gal.
  • Terrific bow tie-er. (The trick is to turn it upside down).
  • Old Pro at positivity. It’s a way of life 🙂

Happy Wednesday!




2 thoughts on “Certified Awesome at Life

  1. Carolyn Reuben Green says:

    Reading your blog was a perfectly wonderful beginning of my day today, when I actually followed a new friend’s advice and got up early to write, to continue my legacy to the world. And how about adding your talent for putting words together, oh talented writer you?

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Girl, you are definitely Certifiably Awesome. And a goddess sister, teacher/student of life, loving buddy, beautiful goofball, sparkly inspiration, and pure magic. Thanks for showing up for me time and time again, especially when it’s just because you showed up for yourself. Keep it going, love.

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