Considering Friends..who are not

Bumped into someone yesterday. Who like a memory wafted through my awareness just present enough to be seen, unremarkable enough to be just remembered. Tugged, pulled yearning for connecting-something to reignite the personable affable delighted personality I had known. I. had. known. I knew no longer this one before me. I knew not the makings of this human – the  fears, pleasures, pains, or dreams. Ghostlike…exiting our encounter without saying goodbye. I realize then we never even said hello. What do I do then with a memory thus half unwrapped? Saved for a moment of nostalgic enterprising it long ago went stale. And now the stench remains. Unpleasant, unforgiving. Remains with me. Though they are gone.




One thought on “Considering Friends..who are not

  1. JP says:

    Perhaps that individual was never under the guise of friends if all of the previous encounters had other, yet soured, expectations?

    The individual may remain an unremarkable memory to you, but there may be a chance that you still are a present part of that person’s past. An individual may prefer rather exit gracefully instead of having the door improperly slammed shut so long ago be pried back open.

    They say it takes two to tango, but it’s difficult to do if both people are taking different steps to different beats.

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