A Little Tuesday Sufi Wisdom

“The truth of who you are, consciousness itself, already knows itself, is already in surrender to the mystery of itself, and in this realization you know yourself even more deeply.

The simplicity of the truth is what keeps it out of the reach of any concept. … At a certain point you recognize that you don’t understand a thing, and you experience a moment of surrender. The paradox is that, as soon as you surrender the need to understand, you do understand; and the moment you think you do understand, you don’t understand. In your willingness right now, in this moment, to relinquish all understanding, all that you ever searched for through understanding is revealed.”





2 thoughts on “A Little Tuesday Sufi Wisdom

  1. Linda Renaud says:

    Dearest Natanya,

    Happy, happy Birthday and all good things in the year ahead.

    Thinking of you….

    Linda Renaud

  2. Gabriel says:

    I understand it! Oh wait no I don’t… yes I do! This is a beautiful quote and so true. Thanks for sharing and it’s good to see all the new booty in the Treasure Chest.

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