Things I Love Thursday: 2-16-12

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you….Thursday.

Yup. Here is it, the day that begets the best of me. I’m toying with the idea of gratitude and happy lists daily or more frequently because they are often the most fun to write and then review. I love the snapshot it takes of my life and what stuck out to me as worth mentioning, even if it was just an afternoon spent at a coffee shop with a good book. (In fact I think that one is almost always mentioned!).

So, this week, to wrap up what has been quite a wild week (in my internal world), here is a list of what topped out my love-o-meter.:)

Getting flowers from Simeon ♥ Meeting with my Future Self ♥ Feeling more inspired in my role at work ♥  Taking on a new heart-felt project ♥ Spending time with my man ♥ Vici’s Tarot reading and the celebration that followed ♥ Dreaming about a mutual future ♥ Finishing a couple of craft projects ♥  Making great progress on my crocheting ♥ Taking the long way to Woodstock ♥ Organic green juice ♥ Baking a 5-layer ombre cake for hours ♥ Volunteering at a chocolate shoppe ♥  free chocolate! ♥  waking up at 5am everyday ♥  getting back to my daily yoga practice ♥ finding solace in the silence ♥  feeling renewed by shedding old pain ♥ anticipating flying away to a warmer climate ♥ happening across synchronicity everywhere ♥ Pinterest-ing constantly (above photo is from Pinterest here) ♥ Wanting to shop but hating it and realizing I’ve grown up ♥ my iPhone ♥ picture apps ♥ Love from a certain Whitey the cat. What a love bug she is!

Happy Weekend! I’m off to Puerto Rico!!!

See you on the sunny side… 😉



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