Where are you? 3 Easy Ways to Find Your Path

Path in the Woods
Trail at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. Photo by Natanya Haviva Green

Lately, when I’ve lost sight of my life’s path it is usually becausa I’ve been preoccupied. Often I’ve wandered absentmindedly from the clarity of the cleared road into the brush. There it is so easy to get hurt; poked, prickled, and prodded by the branches that stand alert and menacing to the side. But verily, is it their fault that I, without the vision to see where I am, run right into them? With awareness I can no longer blame the thorns and the fallen leaves for my scratches and falls. But somehow the lesson is always too brief…

I  wander. I am often preoccupied. My mind races to keep up with whatever jarring update is the news of the day. Usually something shocking, something urgent, a crisis among all measures. Or alternately something so banal I’m left wondering why I bothered. Is it so necessary to be in the know? What am I following and for what end? My Instagram feed blurs into Twitter, then Facebook. Updates and updates and updates. The blog count rises and all is accessible on my silly magic phone as one brilliant friend calls it. And for what? Though at times useful, without care the massive information load is overwhelming.

After enough itchy encounters with one too many twigs, I have to pause, exhale and look up.

Without a judgment of the failure to see, without stressing over lost time, I make my way back to the path. Looking ahead it’s easy to find. With care I move aside the obstacles and return to the easy flow of an open road. I have found there are a few things that always help me in times like this and I thought it time I share with you too. Read below for three simple ways to find the way back to your path.

3 Ways to Find Your Way Back

1. Pause and take a few deep breaths // One great thing about taking a few deep breaths is that no matter where you are whether its a busy subway, your desk, in line, at a lecture, you can take a few breaths without being super obvious. It’s free too and takes all of 5 seconds. Take in enough breath to feel your belly protrude and your chest rise. The act of slowly sipping in air brings your body into a resting state helping you to access clear thinking and the silence to hear your heart speak. Invaluable.

2. Read something wonderful // My dear healer and friend Gary Ferguson (a magician of wisdom if I ever knew one) told me that one of the most important things we can do to help access our inner wisdom is to surround ourselves with our Loves. He means, the books, the writings, the sayings, and the songs we most treasure. Having easy access to the words of Thoreau or Emerson is like magic to me. That and I love having the latest copy of O Magazine near by. Bright, colorful and optimistic in the mainstream. I’m a fan. Use what lights YOU up.

3. Be with the Wild // Too often we’re shuttled from one capsule to another, blocking out the ecosystem we’re so divinely a part of. From house to car to cubicle, we aren’t often enough in the Natural world. To re-wild ourselves, wellness expert Daniel Vitalis says, is to find the ultimate harmony in ourselves and in our world. Re-wilding takes many forms from choosing to eat wild edibles, to spending more time in the wild. Choose something that works for you now and notice how you react, how you feel, and if anything changes.

“How can any man be weak who dares to be at all?”

                                                                – Henry David Thoreau




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