The Best Kinds of Reminders

In yesterday’s post I shared 3 easy steps to finding the way back to your path when you get caught in the “brambles” as my grandma says. Today, I was inspired to share a few examples from my own life of the #2 step, Read Something Wonderful.

Sometimes, despite my best of intentions, I get caught up in the dizzying velocity of life and forget how awesome things actually are right now. The gratitude practice slips away from my awareness and I am lost, off track, yet again. In those moments, my favorite reminders come from the joyful music and lyrical vocal juice of some talented musicians or the loving messages from my nearest and dearest. Read on for my recent favorite music solutions and a text message that made me teary. 😉

My Top Five Songs to Get you Groovin’! 

I highly recommend listen to these while driving in your car with the windows down, singing along or in your home (or office with the door closed!) jammin out the best new dance moves the world has yet seen!

5. Rise by Eddie Vedder

4. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

3. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

2. Day Dreamer by Donovan Frankenreiter

1. Beautiful Day by India.Arie

Bonus: Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive – by Aretha Franklin

Text Message Reminder

The other day I was supposed to meet up with my boyfriend after work. Because I chose to send a few more emails before taking off I left later than planned. He texted me to say he was there already. “I’m late,” I hastily responded.

He had a number of options at this point. Not respond at all and just wait for me to show up to say something in person. He could write back something passive aggressive like, “I know.” Instead, I heard my phone beep and read this: “But you’re beautiful and awesome so it’s all good.” My heart fluttered and I sighed, relieved not only that he wasn’t upset but that I had in him a partner who can see in each moment the more important items of life. He had me. Late and all. It turns out though, that I arrived right on time. He had been early! (And I didn’t even speed to get there).

This is a memory I can turn to when I feel worn thin by standards and expectations that eliminate room for mistakes and failures. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions things go awry or don’t turn out as expected or fail to meet a set measure. Sim’s message brings me back to the present where I am not my mistakes and I am not my success. I am me doing my best – still worthy of love and deserving of the chance to begin again.

Hope you have the best kind of Sunday!




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