Perpetual Pet-Sitting Comes to a Close

Since November I’ve been babysitting the cutest & littlest cats and dogs while friends and co-workers are out of town. They got excellent at home pet care and I got all the love, cuddles and kisses of having a pet without the vet bills. Win win I say! Now as the move to Hudson nears and my time pet sitting comes to an end, I’ve been getting  sentimental looking at some of the fun portraits I’ve taken of these love bugs. I’m really going to miss them all — not a mean one in the bunch!

Uma is such a lovely little lady.

Uma liked to watch Chopped with me. Because she knows its the best show ever.

This was totally staged. In real life Whitey couldn’t have cared less for the yarn ball.

See?! Nap time with the beginnings of my afghan. She patiently watched me crochet on many quiet winter evenings.

It seemed these three never really could figure out if they wanted to be inside or outside.

Lots of licks and kisses were passed between dog and dog & dog and human.

Oh Mr. French. Your goofiness made up for your stinky farts – most of the time.

Woolly and Mr. French. Left or right??

Woolly all tuckered out after a long afternoon of playing outside. Don’t tell Mr. French, but Woolly got all the good looks in the family.

Meet Rambunctious Rolley. Cute as a button though!

Rolley and Jake. Twinsies!

Body. Those eyes!! He wins for purdiest eyes of all the pets in all the lands.

Adorable #1: Jake sits on the couch.

Adorable #2: Body stretches by the door.

Mo snoozing on a quiet Saturday afternoon. What a sweetheart this little one is!

Aw, look. Such a lover.

If you’re a pet owner give your four-footed friend a squeeze tonight and tell ’em you love them. (And an extra treat won’t hurt will it?) 🙂




One thought on “Perpetual Pet-Sitting Comes to a Close

  1. Jen says:

    This is so cool! My Whitey is one of your stars! Your portraits are lovely, and it is wonderful that you had this adventure in animal love. xo, J

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