Loving this.


Love that my stamps are on their way ♥ Love ordering new home supplies on Amazon Prime ♥ Love my lovely morning drive through the mist and fog ♥  Love making tea at 7 and love having coffee at 10 ♥ Love coming home to someone ♥  Love booking full weekends ♥ Love listening to new favorites First Aid Kit and Steep Canyon Rangers ♥ Love tuning into my heart ♥ Love practicing at Life ♥ And love relishing true friends ♥ Love turning into a crafter ♥  Love listening to my old CDs I’ve forgotten about and getting inspired ♥  Love learning about plants ♥  Love building terrariums! ♥ Love emails from my family that brighten my day ♥  Love life in all its messiness.

Happy weekend!



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