These lovely ladies came to visit my town this weekend. They got the full tour of the new digs and the new neighborhood. We had a blast walking up and down the main drag, visiting vintage stores, parading for each other in crazy 60s patterns and just being with one another as only the best of friends can. Um, what do you think of my new outfit? Very Expedia gnome, no?

I am so grateful for my friendship with these two. We’ve had some grand ole times for sure. But most of all I am forever in awe of their unbounded support and generosity. They sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

Omelettes at Grazin’ Diner in Hudson. Yum + yum.

In thinking about our times together a few things popped into my head that I know have come from time well spent with both of these two. From them I have learned…

♥ Just showing up is good enough

♥ There is always another opportunity around the corner

♥ I am beautiful in my own skin

♥ Authenticity is about progress not perfection

♥ Iced lattes sure do beat the heat like nothin’ else!

♥ ‘Thank you’ are two of the most powerful words that can be spoken

♥ True friends are worth long drives out of town

♥ We each have our own genius. Sometimes it’s just knowing the best new iPhone app.

♥ It’s all in the details

Hope you’re having a great weekend!




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