Things I want to know more about right now.

Apple Pie from Apple Pie Bakery

Whether its from a conversation, a blog, a TV show, or a meal I’m constantly inspired to the brim. Here are the top seven things I’d like to explore a little more this summer.

1. Berlin. This city is just so damn cool.

2. Apple pie. Specifically, how to make the perfect two crust pie with crystallized leaves. Yum.

3. Classic cocktails. The summer seems like the perfect time to learn a few party favorites.

4. Typewriters. I gotta learn how to get mine fixed so I can play with it finally!

5. Picnic spots. The Hudson Valley is FULL of incredible views and lush green pastoral scenes. It would be great to lock in a few favorites.

6. The 60s. Mad Men. What can I say.

7. HTML code. My brain is buzzing with blog make-over ideas. Can’t wait to implement!

Happy almost June!



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