June direction. Or How to find your way when you feel lost.

“You must have some vision for your life. Even if you don’t know the plan, you have to have a direction in which you choose to go. You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life because if you are not, life will drive you.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Lost. I’ve felt lost recently. The forgot-who-I-am kind of lost. I walked in circuitous paths around where I was, where I thought I should be, but never could figure out where I was going. But then, even being lost is some kind of a direction. When I sat myself down and acknowledged my displacement I finally felt some relief. As least I know where I’m not.

Knowing where we are in any one moment is a powerful awareness practice that can help us reach our most desired states.

You only need to know two things to achieve anything in life.

1. Where you are and

2. Where you want to go.

Then the rest is easy – you just take the steps to cover the ground between point A and point B. It really isn’t harder than that. Sure, sometimes the steps are many, the road muddy, the way uncertain. But there always is a way a path a direction. And if you keep moving you’ll get to there wherever it is.

Once I discovered where I was (lost),  I only next had to name where I wanted to go. So I did.

Now, the rest is about action.

My key for June is to keep taking steps no matter how small no matter how large. Skipping, dancing, and jumping forward count too by the way. Have fun. Or don’t. But just move.

Lights. Camera. June. Action.




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