How to Hear Your Guidance from the Universe

I almost didn’t notice…I almost wasn’t present for the life altering moment in which my entire reason for being was clarified, magnified and validated…So soft and silent was the moment–it seemed like any other.

Ah, but isn’t it always? Every single moment is the opportunity for your soul to call to you and every moment  is the moment when your purpose is being laid out before you plain as day. Why haven’t you noticed before? I mean, my goodness, the message is being delivered all the time! While watching TV and getting chills on your arms from something a character said…passing a sign post on the highway that answers a question you just thought in your head…overhearing a conversation…turning on the radio to hear lyrics that are sung specifically for you…all day long the Voice of our inner truth is speaking either directly to us or through the world around us if we would only truly listen.

Just now I was listening to a fascinating TED talk and I heard a whisper in my ear. Not the sound coming from my computer speakers, not another person in the room, a voice from within that is bold in thought and tender in tone. I bet you’re heard something similar at some point. Perhaps with your head your pillow in the late night darkness with the covers up to your chin or in the pause before the ruby red stoplight shimmers emerald. What has the voice been telling you lately? Something you ought to know? Something life-altering? Something clarifying?… If you haven’t heard it lately, read on for how to prepare yourself so next time the voice comes through you’ll be ready to receive it.

How to Hear Your Guidance from the Universe

1. Get silent & get to know your thoughts.

Integrate quiet time into your day. It could be in the morning just after waking before you even throw the covers off, or maybe right after turning the shower water off before you reach for the towel. Whatever the moment, leave time in your day when you are free from distraction and can hear your own thoughts completely. Get to know what your various thoughts sound like. Some might sound like parts of your are bickering, some may arrive in the voice of a parent. Listen intently for the bold thoughts. The ones that shimmer or take flight. You’ll start to hear the difference if you make the space for them to appear.

2. Look for “signs” in the signs

It’s my experience that the Universe loves to laugh. Puns are an easy win! If you’re looking for a sign from the Universe look for one while you’re driving. Maybe it will be on the traffic signs, constructions signs or on a license plate or bumper sticker. I’ve heard some crazy stories about this and experienced some for myself. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Write it down!

You probably already know how powerful a practice it is to write down your thoughts. This practice all the more so. Next time you think you hear something that sounds like guidance, write it down. The more you gather the more you can get to know it better by observing patterns in the way your guidance voice speaks to you. This is immensely useful and reassuring. Start by writing as often as you can. Then, after a couple weeks of writing look back at your previous entires and look for patterns. Maybe its the topic or the cadence or the tone.

Above all, the more you listen the more the voice speaks and the more direct guidance you will receive.




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