DIY: Nail and String Letter Art

After filling the living room and central dining room area with our combined art collection I was at first puzzled with what to do with an empty wall? I didn’t want to make an investment to purchase another art piece because another canvas just seemed boring with the adjacent wall filled with frames. Instead, I took to Pinterest and my Home/Craft boards to see if I had previously pinned a project perfect for this space. And lo, I had! I loved this nail and string lettering and had immediately pinned it thinking it would be fun some day to do the same. It was the opposite of boring –  simple, fun, colorful. Perfect. Read on to see how to make your own version…

SUPPLIES: You will need a leveler, nails, tape measure, masking tape, sharpie, hammer (unpictured).

Step 1: Print out the letter outlines and tape to the wall. First I taped the multiple pages together to form a banner and then taped the banned to the wall. Double check that your letters are spaced evenly using the tape measure and that your letters straight using the leveler.

Step 2: Using the sharpie, mark a spot on the nail where it will be protruding from the wall. You want to be sure that all the nails are the same height. Though this step is tedious it will make the whole thing look more polished when you finish.

Step 2: Hammer in the nails at the end points. You will need more nails for circular letters like O or S in order to make the curve less jagged. Since all my letters were taped together I nailed everything before I took the paper down.

Step 4: Remove the paper and begin to string! Tip: remove the paper of one letter at a time. This prevent any confusion about which nails belong to which letter (especially helpful if your letters are close together). I wrapped orange string around each letter five times for thickness. I’ve seen some people wrap more but I was concerned I was going to run out of string (turns out I could have done more but 5 wraps was good enough). I finished each letter by tying a small knot in the bottom right corner of every letter for consistency. You can see the tail of the string in the letter E below…

Step 5: Wipe your brow and admire your work! Good job!

PS I used Helvetica in 610 font for the letters. Again, this DIY was inspired by this cute blog. Like the terrarium on the chair above? Check out my recent posts on making your own terrarium here.




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