Beginning from the bones.

I started something new yesterday.

Completely new-never-before-existed-start-from-the-ground-up kinda new. It felt like putting together the bones of a different animal that would one day have its own life and own direction. In the past I’ve worried about starting something new; there are so many fears involved.  Not the least of which, is “What if the foundation is all wrong?” How many times have we heard that without a solid foundation any endeavor is a doomed failure? Probably a bajillion times. So I would worry.

But this time, I just did it. I jumped in and started anyway. Despite the fear and without regard to the doom and gloom predictions. Why? Because crafting a skeleton of an idea is much different than laying a concrete foundation. A skeleton is actually still alive. Bones grow from something squishy and maleable to something solid. And when or if they break, bones can also heal. These living structures keep us upright and solid, but they also are flexible. A concrete foundation on the other hand,  is unchanging. Once laid, it’s impossible to move.

So I’m building from the bones. Knowing that if and when its necessary, I will be able to course correct. No worries at all.





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