Things I Love Thursday: 6-28-12

Bostom stormPicture taken last weekend in Boston as the clouds gathered over Newberry Street.

This week has been a twirling, swirling hot mess. Literally and figuratively. I guess weather imitates life? Or does life imitate the weather? I think that conundrum will remain a mystery… Nationally we saw flooding, a tropical depression, expansive fires and even our own storm in little Hudson. Massive trees fell onto cars and houses and cleanup crews struggled to take care of the mess and get power back on for the many homes had suddenly lost electricity. Thankfully they got it back up and running within a few hours, just in time so that the new special milk I bought for baking special scones wouldn’t languish un-refrigerated . The scones turned out delicious.

So, despite the torrential rain and power outage I quite enjoyed the blustery stormy couple of days in between hot hot heat (pitta people generally don’t love the heat) ♥ Rising before the sun and watching the light come up over the Berkshire Mountains ♥ Listening to The Paper Kites on repeat ♥ Baking up a sugar free storm thanks to my copy of the excellent cook book, The Green Mountain Bakery. I highly recommend it to those who are searching for sugar or gluten free dessert/treat options ♥ While we’re talking about food I might as well add, green juicing! Still totally smitten with my Breville ♥ Fresh baked bread from our local bakery (Not gluten free..but local. You win some, you lose some.) ♥ Seeing more of the Berkshires and some beautiful homes to boot ♥ Spending quality time with some great work friends ♥ Celebrating Elena’s work at Kripalu with multiple farewell parties (always room for another cake!) ♥ Seeing my cousin and family from Puerto Rico ♥ Making California plans… ♥ Spending a long time in the cold pool…like 10 minutes. It’s a most amazing feeling. If you don’t have access to a cold plunge pool just take a freezing shower. I promise – it feels great and your skin will thank you! ♥ Listening to crazy bad pop/hip-hop at 5 in the morning. Nothing like a little Nicky Minaj to really wake up ♥ Leaning into trusting life ♥

How was your week? Hope you’re doing something today that makes you smile!




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