Thankful Today

I am thankful today.

Thankful for do-overs and second starts. Thankful for the love that holds me in peace and safety while I try my darndest at being intrepid. Thankful for the family of peaceful warriors from which I descend. Thankful for the partner in life who found enveloped me in a love so true I find myself full and whole in his presence. Thankful for the opportunities that collude with me to bring more joy to life – mine and yours. Thankful for the friends who make time for me, who bring me love in a cup of green, who dote on my wellbeing. Thankful for the chance to offer the same love back again. Thankful for the life that no matter how many times someone erupts in a violent act of hate, there are a million more reasons to find love. Thankful that every day is new. Thankful for the one chance to live this life and the preciousness inherent in that design. And definitely thankful for secret love notes. xxoo.




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