Things I Love Thursday: 8-9-12

This week I’ve been in flight. The feeling of being weightless among a sea of possibilities has captivated my attention as if the tide is carrying me out from the harbor and I am afloat with the best views afforded to those who dare to cross the wide waters into adventure. Life, here I come. I am so pleased.

via society6

I am allowing myself to become buoyed by all that delights me and to deliberately turn my focus to that which brings me joy. This week was full of goodness. Overflowing, really…

Long phone calls with my soulfriendmate, the ever inspiring  “JMo” ♥ Visits with friends in real life Sage ♥ Lunch with Peggy! ♥ an entire complete full day with my lover (we’ve both been working so much lately we hardly see each other anymore!) ♥ Putting in my notice at my second of three jobs ♥ Picking up a dream job in its place ♥ Crafting a third dream job and geeking out about everything it could become (details will be announced eventually – unless you are called Grandma in which case I’ll call you soon 😉 !) ♥ Making new friends ♥ Getting my hands on the ‘Best of ‘ CD by Boban i Marko Marcovic (did someone say, irresistible party music?!) ♥ Catching up on my favorite blogs ♥ updating this little blog o’mine ♥ And meeting one of my favorite bloggers in the flesh ♥ And did I mention I met Mr. Big (of Sex and the City) at my place of business? I did. Celebrity sightings aren’t that important, but they do cause some impassioned giggles among co-workers. Especially Sex and the City fans. Good times. ♥ Reading for pleasure again! God, I missed my books. ♥ Counting down the days until California…47. ♥5 minute dance party ♥ Brunch at Le Perche ♥ Celebrating wedding goodness with dear friends ♥ and foggy misty mornings 🙂




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