Things I Love Thursday: 8-23-12

I love taking stock of all the things that have brought joy and beauty to my days over the week. There is something magical about this kind of accounting. It’s not one plus one plus one, rather blessings have the curious ability to multiply en masse as soon as they are recognized and appreciated. This week was full of goodness.

Tj’s visit over the weekend ♥ That Sim and I can put up a tent together without killing each other (isn’t that the true test of a relationship? ♥ site visit for our next catering event ♥ wine tastings in the client’s private cellar ♥ drives through the bucolic Berkshire countryside ♥ visit to the Wassaic Project art exhibits ♥ climbing a 7 story grain tower! ♥ making up words ♥ sleeping in ♥ making new friends at work ♥ watching the most incredible TED talks ever ♥ phone calls with family ♥ gearing up for the big birthday party later next month ♥ counting down the days until California ♥ catching up with my friend of 22 years ♥ dinner parties with family and friends ♥ surprise calls from Boulder ♥ Happy Birthday Monica!! ♥ reconnecting with my yoga practice ♥ reading again for pleasure ♥ and just loving life in general.




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