Things I Love Thursday: 9-6-12

What is better than recounting little loves? Not much.

This week, I had a lot to be grateful for…The first of which is not really so much about gratitude as pure enjoyment and an explanation of the photo above: watching Simeon OWN that pig at an event last week. So not Kosher but super fun. He prepped it (with a lot of help from another chef) stuck it on a spit and roasted it and then served it right up. People were lining up for seconds! I just watched in amazement and awe of the fact that I didn’t crumble at the sight of the eyeballs. 🙂

The beginning of Fall ♄ Fun times with great people at work places ♄ The start of something new ♄ Taking leaps ♄ Writing, writing, writing ♄ Being in touch with the best of friends ♄ Emails, cards and phone calls with family ♄ Getting closer to seeing the whole family in a few weeks ♄ Thinking about anniversary trips ♄ Imagining the future ♄ Cleaning house and discovering its charms ♄ New clothes for the new season ♄ Computer shopping ♄ Seeing the changes in the leaves already! ♄ Dinner with the other parents ♄ Working from home ♄ Walking to my favorite coffee shop ♄ Meeting Jonathan Fields in person in my little cafe in Great Barrington and getting to tell him how much I enjoyed his segments in the new film I’m Fine, Thanks ♄ Then reading his book and finding out its exactly what I need to read right now. PS Watch the video trailer. And bring tissues ♄ Coming home after long days to dinner with my love. ♄ And lastly, one big juicy shout out to #BillClinton who always makes me nostalgic for the 90s. Check out his speech from the #DNC on NPR here.

Have a great Thursday!




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