Editing photos from our trip to California. I think I took enough to keep me busy the rest of the month.

Enjoying Autumn’s brilliant hues.

Sipping lots of pumpkin spice lattes.

Working through new challenging opportunities.

Writing more letters to loved ones.

Growing up a little bit and having those tough conversations that need to be had.

Wanting to get started on a Project Life album but feeling overwhelmed by the idea of printing photos.

Getting ridiculously excited that the Blogcademy is only a few short weeks away.

Feeling renewed by my visit with Jen last week.

Loving Sim more and more every day.

Appreciating how our relationship is blooming in new ways.

Losing my wallet on the trip home from California, but not losing my mind over it.

Dreaming of a snow fall and winter’s arrival.

Watching Downton Abbey nightly on Netflix. We are obsessed.

Making to do lists like its my job.

Instagramming my little heart out. Want to follow? You can find me at @natanyahaviva.

Catching up on new blogs. My latest favorite finds include new friend Britanie Faith’s bible-blog of green beauty, Beauty by Britanie and well known NYC photographer Alice Gao’s personal blog, Lingered Upon.

*Post idea inspired by Elise of Enjoy It blog and Ali Edwards.




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