Things I Love Thursday: 10-4-12

What?! It’s October? Are you serious? How did that happen??? Ok, enough questions for now… on to the love list for a new month and a new season!

The trip to California to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday was by far the best of the week and everything else is not surprisingly, encapsulated in that one event (which lasted the whole week). So, here are some random moments of extreme joy  for your reading pleasure.

♥ First of all, why yes, that is a glass of incredibly delicious Bordeaux overlooking lower Manhattan at sunset. You are correct! (And of course, the BEST way to start a trip to California–thanks again for the roof hors d’oeuvres treat, TJ!) ♥ Sim taking on the roll of carrying all three of ours bags through trains, subways, airport tunnels, and cab rides despite my protests and without complaining. He should be sainted. ♥ Making the plane within 10 minutes of take-off. ♥ Greeted with the most delicious hug by my 6-year old cousin upon arrival and then gifted an original drawing masterpiece upon our departure. ♥ Introducing Sim to everyone and everyone loving him. (As I knew they would). ♥ Spending an entire day at the beach laying in sand, playing in the waves and SURFING. I actually surfed. It was incredible and I can’t wait to do it again. ♥ Also – paddle boarding. (And paddle boarding all the way out to a far away buoying without falling over only to realize that the buoy was actually a seagull. That discovery alone almost knocked me over in surprise!). ♥ Humongous dinners out with (nearly) the WHOLE family. ♥ Musical chairs at the dinner table. ♥ Random crystal pendant gifts. ♥ Laughing over the strange history of San Diego State University. ♥ Coffee with Jen. ♥ Nutella Espresso. ♥ World Famous Fish Tacos with Jen. ♥ Chipotle picnic with Jen. (Ya, we ate a lot on this trip!) ♥ Bizarre and amazing plants at the Balboa Park Arboretum. ♥ Making an earlier departure flight with 10 minutes to spare (again!) after ours was delayed an hour. ♥ Seat-to-Seat chat on Virgin Airlines. ♥ Nice passengers who switched seats so I could sit with my boyfriend for the last 20 minutes of the plane ride. ♥ Sweet reviews of grandma’s celebration website ( ♥ Coming home to a tidy house (high-five, self!). ♥ Early morning and late afternoon catch up calls with best friends. ♥ And much much more…

Here’s to a celebratory weekend – just because 🙂




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