October Obsessions

As September wrapped and October appeared out of nowhere, I noticed I returned to some treasured favorites and have been incorporating some new finds into my day-to-day routine with regularity. I thought it would be fun to share what’s on my plate, in my purse, or on my person these days!

October Obsessions

♥ Downton Abbey. Sim and I had heard so many good things about this show from just about everyone but we were both working so much we didn’t have time for TV. Somehow we have finally been able to arrive home around the same time for dinner and Downton.  So far we LOVE this new nightly routine. Just remember we’re still on season one so don’t tell me what happens next!

♥ Tainted Love perfume by Toyko Milk. I actually purchased this almost exactly one year ago. I was intrigued after reading Nubby’s recommendation but it was the tie to an inside joke between me and Sim that got me to purchase. We had just started seriously dating at the time I began wearing it and even though I’ve worn it on and off all year when I put it on now I’m immediately transported to our first few months together. This makes me happy.

♥ I picked up this lovely blouse from The Limited or The Loft, I can’t remember which, on a random excursion to the mall. Random because the errand was born of a small panic that I had nothing to wear for the High Holidays (always a good excuse for a shopping trip and even better than back-to-school, because, I mean, this is the yearly judgment for God’s sake! 😉 ) So anyway, I popped into the store on a whim and lo, my dream blouse was waiting for me. The lovely cream color and whimsical peter-pan collar softly sang my name and within minutes it was mine.

♥ Coffee. I didn’t realize I was such a coffee drinker. Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve loved my lattes for years, but recently an emergence of startlingly refined and ultra-cool coffee makers have come into trend. Best of all, the beloved Chemex is made locally in Pittsfield of all places. It’s the first item on my non-necessary purchase list.

♥ Pumpkins. Just ask Simeon. With all my raving about pumpkin this and pumpkin that he thinks its one of my many middle names. (It’s not). But I do have magical plans for many a pumpkin pie this season. (I already made one to celebrate Rosh Hashana, even though that’s totally not traditional, but I couldn’t help myself. Unfortunately, I was missing a key ingredient and my replacement didn’t substitute well and only I would eat it. What?! And waste a pumpkin pie? I think not.)

♥ Day-planner. I’ve tried every planner under the sun. From Franklin-Coveys (my mom’s favorite) to Planner Pads (you’ll forgive me for not continuing to use this one right?) to Moleskine’s and more. This September in a rush of back-to-school fever I purchased a relatively cheap weekly/monthly appointment book that is just perfect. I love seeing the hours of each day among a weekly spread. It matches how I “see” the week in my mind so I don’t have to translate from my head to the page when I look at the week in a glance. I’ve been filling up the sidebars with project lists, to do lists, and goals lists and I couldn’t be happier. I do wish it was a little more purse friendly (the giant size doesn’t always travel well) but I’m making do.

After looking at all the images, I realized there was a black and orange thing going on! I didn’t intend for there to be a Halloween theme in this post it just happened to perfectly work out that way. Like all great synchronicities 😉

So, tell me, what tops your list this season?




4 thoughts on “October Obsessions

  1. I so enjoy your posts, Natanya! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    I love my dayrunner and have for years!
    Seeing the whole of the week’s activities and meetings on a two page spread is very convenient and I find it pretty purse friendly.

  2. Carolyn Reuben Green says:

    Actually Pumpkin is almost one of your many middle names since I’ve called you that as a nickname for years and years. Wish I was close enough to enjoy even your missing-ingredient pies because I LOVE pumpkin pie.

    1. marjiegauley says:

      Awww, Candy. I remember so many walks with the pumpkin on your back! sunrise, sunset…bitter sweet. let’s skype again soon 🙂

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