Things I Love Thursday: 10-11-12

(I’m usually the yellow one ;))

Keeping it simple this week. The weather turned colder, wet, and foggy and I loved every minute. It is truly Fall season now, my favorite, and I’m grateful for a warm house every night, where I bundle in comforters and crocheted blankets, drink hot tea and eat warm stews. Thankful this week for the ordinary and extra-ordinary…

♥Phone chats and ichats with friends across the coast ♥ Stumptown coffee ♥ Working on marketing projects ♥ “finishing tasks” ♥ Instagram ♥ Giving my 5th speech at Toastmasters (half way through the manual!) ♥Planning a staycation ♥ Looking forward to celebrations ♥ Looking through the family photos of my grandmother’s 90th birthday party ♥ Surprise bouquets ♥  Writing snail mail letters ♥ B-School study nights! ♥ Gearing up for some guest blogging (details next month!) ♥ Staying in the present moment ♥ Finding the perfect retro mug at the thrift store for $0.50 ♥ Croissants form Le Perche.

The next couple weeks are planned for ah-mazing weekends and project-full weeks. Loving October. How about you?




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