Things I Love Thursday: 10-18-12

Hudson, NY - AutumnHudson, NY – all oranges and blues this week.

It makes sense to me that Autumn is the season we celebrate Thanksgiving. This time of year naturally invokes an inward turning and a sense of taking inventory of one’s life. Giving and acknowledging the things I’m grateful for is something I do all year round but all the more rich and pleasurable now. So, here a few things that caught my attention, made me smile, or merely a note to remember for later – for when I might forget just how lovely and inspiring life is right now.

Celebrating my love’s birthday ♥ Spending a crisp and warm afternoon in NoHo ♥ Finishing Season 2 of Downton Abbey during a Downton Birthday Marathon ♥ Listening to new Turntable Kitchen mixes ♥ Bookstores bookstores bookstores ♥ Watching a cow nurse a calf on the side of the rode ♥ Getting a full night’s sleep ♥ Going to Hudson community yoga class ♥ Real Swedish meatballs  ♥ Pre-birthday cocktails at Crimson Sparrow ♥ Watching a guy get an $8 ticket from the Hudson police for illegal parking ($8?! People pay to park for $8!) ♥ Latte deliveries ♥ Late night fire side chats ♥ Lunch with Alex ♥ Celebrating 1 year! ♥ Pumpkin pie presents and other gifts too ♥ Making progress on my crocheting ♥ Finding new crafting ideas and projects to keep my fingers busy this winter ♥ Making lists lists lists ♥ Opportunities are a knockin’!

Some hilariously awesome videos to keep you entertained for the weekend too:

What keeps you inspired this time of year?




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