Thanks October, you were great

Happy Halloween friends!

No dressing up in wild attire for me this year. Though I’ve loved spending a cold Halloween night at the raucous soiree going down at the Dreamaway in Halloweens past, tonight I have a date at yoga class. It feels like a good move considering fall is at its last leaf and the winter season is fast approaching (hello #frankenstormsandy). These days I’m inclined to dive deeper into reflective mode and less anxious to get out and about. But out and about I have been, and I managed to snap a few shots to prove it.

The time from Labor Day to Halloween is my absolute favorite in the Northeast and October showed us her splendor in so many ways.

Yay for pumpkins! This little one found a home on our mantle.

Many a recent morning were spent like this. Reading Anne Lamott’s uproarious book, Operating Instructions, and eating fluffy eggs made to order by the in-house chef.

Bright, beautiful color in our Hudson neighborhood.

Evenings were spent on the laptop with a cup of tea. I did a ton of work on a few projects for clients which I’m super excited about. Good times.

The displays at the vintage store down the street are always amazing. This one is especially cheeky; it stars Hudson’s hometown artist, Ralph, whose paintings you can see filling the display case. And that doghead!

Last winter I brought back this wire head from Israel as a gift for Sim. This month I was reunited with one of my best friends from that Birthright trip. It was so good to see her and catch up. I love the friends whom you can see once a year and its like no time at all has passed.

Despite my staying in tonight, I did make it out for one Halloween themed birthday party. So much fun to relax, eat homemade nachos, drink hot toddys and tell funny stories. Even Frida showed up for the fun!

I’m a sucker for rainbow bookcases. This one from The Bookstore in Lenox, MA is just right.

Oh Autumn, won’t you stay with us forever?

Have a spooky night and stay safe!




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