Starting where you are

Warren Street - Hudson, NY

Sometimes you just have to start. Without a plan. Without knowing much of anything.

This isn’t easy for most people I know and it certainly isn’t easy for me. It’s become my new practice. Like yoga or meditation. Just starting. Doing that thing that seems to need details and processes and systems.

But really, it just needs you. And me.

The inspiration that birthed these ideas calls out for movement. Not over-achieving A-type motivational go-get-’em energy. Not always, anyway. It could be a rolly-polly-moving-slowly energy. Maybe your movement is imperceptible to others so they ask you with anxious faces so…what’s up with you?

And maybe there isn’t even time to answer their question as your attention is filled with the inspiration you’re hearing from deep inside and they are extraneous to your current purpose.

The tortoise won that one race, did he not?

And you, you are moving. Slowly, slowly… but onwards you move. One day, while they are busy with work that identifies them you are busy becoming, unfolding, and just being.

It can happen.

Watch out! Here you come.


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