Things I Love Thursday: Sunshine, the 1960s, and snowballs!


Thursday is such a smiley day. The work week is becoming the weekend, projects are wrapping up leaving behind that wonderful feeling of completeness, and there’s a sense of flow about everything. This weekend there is a lot to do and also a lot to look forward to (and yes, I’ll share about it too!)

This week I’m grateful for…photo journalism (I like to pretend that’s what walking around taking photos of my neighborhood is) ♥  Movie night (twice in a row!). Thanks Amazon instant Video, we love you. ♥ Organizing files and paperwork (tell me I’m not the only one who swoons at that phrase!). ♥ 1960s revival a la Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine (she was a hottie! Who knew?) ♥ Winter walks with #chefboyfriend and alone. ♥ Our first major rain of the season (& therefore…puddles!). ♥  50 degrees and sunshine (That pretty much made my whole week right there). ♥  8 hours of sleep for many nights this week (omg, the simple joys…). ♥ Realizing how much better I’ve become at shaping the dough at the bakery (and how far I still have to go!).  ♥ Making our last snowballs of winter. And then throwing them. !!! ♥  California anticipation. ♥ A smooth work week (Welcome back Lauren!) ♥ That one evening I went with Simeon to the Culinary Institute to read in the library while he attended a class meeting. And after the meeting when the whole class followed him to where I sitting because they wanted to meet me. (Apparently I come up in conversation. Often). They all hung around and introduced themselves. It was the sweetest thing!

And a few links I’ve been loving this week too…

♥ Rachel shares why she’s not a bad yogi, but an occasional one.

♥ Got flaky people in your life? (Are you one of them?) I’ve been known to be a bit too lax a few too many times in my life. And it’s not something I’m proud of. These days I’m encouraging (not pushing) myself to focus on what matters only, to under commit (and over deliver) and especially, to not try to be THE best but try to be MY best. Miss Franzen shows us how to attract the right kind of people into our lives. The ones we can count on. The kind of person I think all of us are striving to be.

♥ Don’t you just love knowing how other people plan, organize, spend, and enjoy their days? This site makes me feel like a daily routine glutton! (Maybe include web browsing into your plan tomorrow? Then you can enjoy everything here without any guilt for “time wasting.” 😉


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