Wondering where the small cuts on the ends of my fingers are coming from… What sharp thing have I been touching that I haven’t noticed?? Or its just the dry winter weather. Either way, booo.

Reading The Table Comes First by Adam Gopnik. I’m midway through the first chapter and so far my impression is that he enjoys being over indulgent on the topic, but hey, that’s kind of par for the course right? I mean, he’s a food writer. Food? Indulgence? Bedmates.

Listening to Pandora One. The Weepies station when it rains, Bob Dylan when I’m feeling mellow, Yo La Tengo when the sun comes out.

Planning our finances for spring. Spending limits and debt repayment plans? What am I? An adult?

Eating my weight in popcorn. What? Adults can have popcorn for dinner if they want 🙂

Baking a birthday cake for a Bittman. What a tongue twister!

Wearing my black danskos which are now mostly white. Thanks a lot flour/sugar/water/dough.

Remembering to drink more water during the day. Or trying to. Or remembering when I didn’t. Which is a start.

Watching Argo. On Amazon Instant. Really the best thing since the invention of movies. Why go to the theater when you can cuddle next to your honey in your pajamas, have a glass of wine, pause to debrief the plot, put on subtitles because neither of you heard what that guy just said, stop to take a bathroom break, pour a second glass of wine, and then shout with glee when they all survive that crazy escape. Really, I mean why?

Holding Simeon’s hand in mine, any chance I get.

Trusting in Life. And in myself. And in you.


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Deb Dunlap says:

    Natanya, I find you so wonderful to read; thoughtful and insightful, and just inspiring. Thank you for your blog posts…they really add love of life to my day!!!

    1. Natanya Green says:

      Deb, thanks for such a kind and thoughtful reply! It makes it all the more joyful for me to post to the blog knowing someone is appreciating it!

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