Green Juice

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I came to green juices by way of green smoothies about 5 years ago. I first started making green smoothies (way back when) while researching the raw food diet. Eating only raw didn’t work for me, but the green smoothies certainly did.  Blended greens gave me the energy to move mountains and made my cells come alive in ways I’d never felt before. The high was unlike a caffeine jolt or an alcohol buzz; it felt so much better.

Flash forward to 2012 and after working a regular job with a regular paycheck for a few months I had finally socked away enough to splurge on a Breville juicer. Best. Decision. Ever.

Since then, green juices have become a regular thing – morning, noon or night. And I can say with certainty that whenever I drink my greens, I become a better version of me. Happier, braver… more aware, more patient… less lethargic, less grouchy… I could go on.

Green juice has become quit the trendy food these days too – and I think the world is better for it! If you haven’t caught the green bug yet or aren’t ready to jump for a juicer of your own – fret not, friends. There are so many wonderful companies cropping up to take care of your juicing needs. With wonderful flavors full of fresh deliciousness, you won’t go thirsty.

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So, what’s an average juice for me? I tend to stick to the green stuff though magical elixirs can be made with nearly any mix of fruit and veggies. Usually, my recipe comes from whatever is in my crisper and on the counter and I play off a few favorite must-haves. Here’s what I drank for today’s afternoon pick-me-up.

The Garden Green Juice

Spinach, 1 large handful

Dark leafy greens, 3-4 leaves, these happen to be mustard greens

Carrot, 1 large

Celery, 2 stalks

Apple, 1 small-medium

Lemon, 1 wedge (without the peel)

Ginger, 1/2 inch

photo 2-16

In it goes!

photo 5-10

And out comes… well, it’s an interesting green color because of the carrot 🙂 but the carrot also adds an extra layer of sweetness. The spice of the ginger and the mustard greens adds some flair and the lemon gives it a citrus kick. SO YUM.

photo 3-16

This recipes makes about 10 oz. I sometimes put the pulp back through with a little water and come out with 2 extra oz.  Perfect for a snack or early breakfast. Cheers to our health.


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