Starting in the Middle


“FUTURE” – Outside our Toastmasters meeting space. 

This week I gave my 6th speech at a Toastmasters meeting. It was by far my best speech yet and I am still flush with the feeling of pure joy I almost always experience speaking in front of a group. Toastmasters has become such an important part of my life as of late. It’s the discovery of words, of transformation, of inspiration and patience. It’s the sharing of stories, of voicing desires, of supporting friends.

Many people join Toastmasters because their job requires them to give presentations and they are nervous about performing their duty. Others have desires to move into leadership and want to grow their skills. Me? I just love to speak. I love the energy created between myself and the audience. There’s a transmission of my voiced experience and energy and the silent power in their listening. It creates something of a vortex. And I fall in, every time, relishing the flight.

I didn’t film this speech unfortunately, but I would like to share a bit of what I said. The speech was called “Starting in the Middle.” And to wit, it was about not having the right words at the right time. About writer’s block and feeling stuck. And how the only way out of such frustrating times is to start in the middle – to start where you are. There’s no where else in the world to begin but with who and what and where you are.

And so, in my vulnerability, and in my fear, in my hope and earnest desire, I begin a new chapter for myself now. The one where I am freed of needing my path to look any different than it is. Sometimes I know what I’m here for, and other times I forget. When I remember my purpose I come back to that pleasing feeling of supreme delight. The joy of being alive.

And if I have to speak to get that feeling, well, then I will.


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