Time together.

During the week Simeon is either at school, driving to/from school, or studying for school, and I’m usually at one or the other job. This leaves very little overlapping free time so when miraculously we do have an hour or two together we do what we can to make the most of it.

As the weather has warmed we’ve been antsy to spend more time outside among the new blossoms, the extra people milling about town, and the beautiful vistas nearby.

Last week we took a pleasant stroll down Warren Street to one of my favorite places in Hudson–The Spotty Dog Books & Ale. Spotty Dog is a bar/bookstore that sells both really great books and really delicious micro-brews (as the name implies). You can sit at the bar and chat up a friend or lounge in a comfy chair by the window while you browse a book. Whoever came up with this place was a genius. Absolutely.


We stopped in for a late afternoon brew and a little QT. ‘Twas divine.


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