This day. A blessing.


Today is the day.

This one.

This dawn, this sunlight, this bird song.

This one.

What have you been waiting for? My dear, it is today that you have been waiting for. Arise, awaken, delight – the day is here.

Greet your morning with the fresh possibilities of your imagination.

Give thanks for your memories. Send love to the lessons that live in your history.

Treasure the promise that a new day brings – that yet another and another and another new dawn will beckon you from your slumber.

Each awakening a remembrance. Each bright light of dawn a call to come closer to your Source.

You are made of star dust and sunshine, this we know. So treasure your humble connection to this place and time. This is the one chance you’ve been waiting for.

This day. Praise it, be glorified in it, fill yourself with the Love of it’s magnificence. For a new day starts tomorrow.

Don’t wait any longer.




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