Horse magic.

Over the weekend I ended up taking a leisurely drive, alone, through upstate New York. Beside bright green hills and under tree branches laden with leaves the rough worn road snaked its way.

photo 2

For a moment I was lost among the glittering light as it spotlighted my path and the clouds formed hands of mist that rapped at my windows. At some point I wasn’t even sure I knew where I was headed.

None of this mattered when I rounded a curve and saw a few horses grazing on a pasture.

photo 3I could have driven on but I had no where to be so instead I pulled over to enjoy the view, the horses and the beautiful afternoon.

photo 1

This would have been enough. I could feel my body relaxing, my mind resting. Peace with a capital P enveloped me.

But there was one more horse. A white mare.

photo 3She noticed me then went back to grazing, seemingly uninterested in her visitor. I watched her. Time floated and was effortless. And slowly, she grazed her way towards me…

photo 1

I saw again–as if for the first time–the magnificence of horses. It made me think of my mother–she has a passion for horses and has always loved to ride. It was her enthusiasm that had encouraged me to seek out horse-back riding lessons as a kid. Memories I adore.

photo 2While the white one pretended she didn’t care whether I was there (and inched her way closer still) I enjoyed watching the black and brown horses in the distance nuzzle and groom one another. I’ve never seen horses do this before but it wasn’t surprising. It reminded me of that story of the dinner tables in Heaven and Hell. In both places each person must use a fork so long that they cannot feed themselves from the bounty. In Hell, they starve for their selfishness. In Heaven, they feed one another and feast.

And then with a whisper, the mare approached me!

photo 3First she inspected my shoes and helped her self to a lick. Blue shoe lollipop anyone?

photo 4

Then, I did the first thing that came to mind and grabbed some grass to feed the lady. Only as her lips were baring down on my flesh did I think of how quickly she could have bitten off my hand like a dandelion head! But those riding lessons came back quick and I remembered “feed palm flat!” And so I did.

photo 5

She seemed to like her “treat.” Or rather, maybe she was hoping she could taste my iPhone next?

photo-4We spent some time together until it seemed I had fed her enough of what she could get on her own. And with that she turned and left. But not before flashing a grin goodbye.

photo 4Quite an afternoon! I’m so grateful for the inspiration to stop and enjoy what was so clearly a gifted moment. It was nothing short of magic.

photo 2

[Photos edited with the new #ABeautifulMess app!]


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