It’s been a bit like walking on a conveyor belt these past couple months. Everything is moving at an above normal speed. Time is whizzing past and weeks go by without a warning. It’s all I can muster to keep the pace.

This weekend it was a pleasure to slow down and enjoy the most beautiful country sunset with dear friends. In the midst of all the craziness we have currently going on in our day-to-day lives, there’s nothing quite like the peach, plum, and rose colors of a summer sunset to bring peace and contentment to the heart.

photo 1

And with my honey being a culinary school graduate and wine apprentice and all, there’s always a glass of something lovely in hand to toast the occasion. For this particular evening out Simmy offered us an off-dry rosé that not only fit mood it also matched the sky!

photo 2
Under the sun’s last rays we toured the beautiful homestead before dinner being sure to say hello to the little ladies and adorable baby goats. As the sun went down we enjoyed a delicious dinner with salad straight from the garden and spaghetti with a much improved upon jar of pasta sauce (Simmy’s a kitchen wizard I swear).

photo 1

photo 3

(That’s a most delicious dense whole wheat miche bread loaf you’re looking at – fresh from the bakery where I work. Hello, yum.)

Later when dusk had settled more friends arrived and a heated battle of Scrabble ensued. My favorite part was the dramatic spoken word poetry performed using only the words on the board. Try it at your next game. Party pleaser for sure.

photo 4

This weekend we’ve got plans for another “family of friends” dinner across the Massachusetts border and I couldn’t be more excited to spend time with my Kripalu folk before the season ends.

photo 5


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