photo 1

The Barn. Also where my office is located.

Huzzah! Today begins my next adventure working for Bennington College.

photo 2

The student center

I couldn’t be more excited. The campus is gorgeous with stunning views and quiet pathways that wind around both historic and modern buildings. I’ve only been to campus while students have been on vacation so I am curious to see what the campus is like when its populated with the rush student activity.

photo 3

The view from the student center. omigawd.

Some time ago I put out a prayer for something I could not yet name. In response I received a job opportunity. It’s funny how things like that happen. But things like that happen to me frequently. And when they do I have no doubt that it is the right next thing for me. So in anticipation (and some first day anxiety) I’m eager to be partner to what unfolds from here. Here we go!


4 thoughts on “Bennington

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    omigawd is right I too am so exci ted andcertan that this is the place you shoud be. Good Luck dear heart I am so happy for you love Grandma

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