Around here

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Though there are so many transitions going as I said before, through it all the in between moments have been pretty special lately. A lot of celebrating and spending time with best friends, a little reflection and a bit of looking ahead what what is yet to come.

1. Brunch with my most favorite person. And the best bloody mary in town. We spent time talking over our new business venture. So much good stuff is ahead for Sim.

2. One of my favorite brick wall/door combos in Hudson. I’m going to really miss the architecture and charm of this town.

3. A perfect morning at the Bennington College campus. This is going to become a regular sight!

4. Doing a bit of studying at the coffee shop. A coffee cup and laptop – quite the ubiquitous duo.

5. The most delicious grass-finished local burger. So good. Grass-fed beef is just so much tastier (and better for you).

6. Dinner at the Bittman homestead. Looking forward to waking up here for the next few weeks. The quiet and calm of this place is palpable.

7. Packing up the house and getting ready to move. It’s hard to say goodbye to our place, even harder to say goodbye to my books which have to go into storage for the next month. 😦

8. Waffle party. Jana got a waffle maker for her birthday. She got the present but we were rewarded. Yum!

9. Friday was my last day at the bakery. I now start work a whole 5 hours later than I used to.  No more 4 am wake up calls!


One thought on “Around here

  1. Danielle Pirrie says:

    Hi Natanya,
    Thanks for the great pics as usual and good luck with the move and new job!!
    Spring is nearly upon us here in South-Eastern Aus. Blossoms are in abundance, there are sweet smells in the air, and I haven’t lit the fire in 2, no 3 days!!! Yeah!
    Am waiting for the probable cold-snap, bringing frost and freezing toes in bed. Do I plant out some seedling yet or do I wait???? Hmm. Could try to nude bum test – if It’s too cold for your bum, it’s too cold for the plants.
    Will let you conjure up your own images of that one!
    Keep writing, I really enjoy your musings and inspirations. Thanks. Danielle

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