Rosh Hashana

Honey Cake

Traditional honey cake to celebrate a sweet new year; my grandmother’s recipe. 

It’s a new year in the Jewish calendar. It’s always felt so appropriate that Rosh Hashana  falls at the start of the fall season. It feels like the right to celebrate a fresh start. This year, my fresh start is yet another opportunity to humbly begin again.

I wanted to make this year about intention and purpose, about determination and discipline. Who I wanted to become… How I wanted to live… those choices, many of them, have not manifested because I have failed to lean into them. I have failed to start over, to begin again when I need a re-start. Instead, I gave up ahead of myself and never gave myself a second chance when the first time through got too tough.

This new year is that second chance. The opportunity bestowed by a sacred culture to honor the truth that every day is new. What we bring into each day is not a destiny, but rather the memory of yesterday – – an imprint of patterned thought. Today…Tomorrow… they can be different.

Tonight, I honor my attention to failure. And I relinquish the stubborn past to it’s place in history. Even 5 minutes ago is now gone. I am new in this moment, ready at last, to begin again.


3 thoughts on “Rosh Hashana

  1. JessRS says:

    Woohoo! L’Shana Tova!! (:

    This was so moving to read and totally showed up as a sign for me, so thank you so much!

    Hope to see or speak with you again soon too! (: have a great night!

  2. Grandma says:

    L’Shana tova dearheart. You are right that each year is a new opportunity to begin the life you want to live and the person you want to be.that is one of the special priviliges of being Jewish. I pray for you that as you begin this new beginning it will bring you that satisfaction that you so richly deserve. I love you dearly GRandmaa

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