Humidity and hope

The east coast is thick this week, laden with heavy air. Humidity steams from asphalt sidewalks and hovers below tree branches.

As I walked through the hazy mist this morning, I sensed a familiar welling. Wet air hung suspended like gathered tears that fail to fall. The earth is mirroring my own welling. My own balance of frustration and calm. Stress and supported love. Suspended.

I dare to think Mother Earth feels with as much empathy as any human can. Tears well in her eyes at the memory of one violent history and the potential for greater harm to come. Yesterday was a collective reckoning of past 12 years since that fateful day and a continued study of whether to act on behalf of those currently in danger’s way.

I face so much uncertainty in my own life right now and nationally we face tough questions about our collective future. It is painful to be sure, this not knowing the right course of action. What path will lead us to comfort and safety? What path will lead me through my own fear and doubt?

This day, this heavy, hot, humid day, with the air full of these unanswerable questions may we find beneath the thunderous clouds and our own beating hearts, an ancient pulse. May it remind us that where there is movement there is life.

I saw a rainbow on the way to work today. I’ll take it as a sign.


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