November goals


Though the first few days of November have come and gone, there’s still time to be intentional about the rest of the month. My main aspiration is to focus on health, attitude, and some concrete wedding progress.

1. Book our wedding venue – I’m thiiiis close to believing we’ve found the place. I can’t wait to share it with you as soon as we know for sure.

2. Keep a vitamin regimen – Now that I’ve gotten a few new additions to my daily intake I really need to establish a clear time to take each so I don’t keep forgetting when to take what!

3. Do three things off my “To Do One Day” to do list – You know how some things keep getting pushed to the back burner over and over? I’d really like to clear that list but I’ll be happy if I complete at least three.

The trees are still showing some color to my amazement. Most of the leaves are almost gone and winter is nearly here for good. Next month my three goals may be to just stay warm!


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