Mary Oliver


We’ve added a new member to our little family. Not a kid, a cat!

I know, I know. Just what the Internet needed, another four more cat photos. Well, Blogland, may I introduce… Mary Oliver*. The sweetest, most affectionate, little lover of a cat I have ever known! She’s absolutely perfect for us and is settling into her new home nicely.


So far, her favorite things to do are snuggle, give us kisses, and stare at the wall. She LOVES to curl up next to my chest or face and fall asleep with me. In fact, whatever I do she wants to do too. I’d say she’s a “me too” kinda gal. Eating? Me too! Using the bathroom? Me too! Sleeping? Me too! Giving smooches to my face? Me too!


Though Sim and I have always imagined we get a pet (or two) eventually, we finally made the decision when Simeon began working 5 days per week down in Connecticut at his new gig. Though Mo is no Simeon, at least she keeps me company in his absence – which is absolutely doing the trick. Without little Mo around, those first couple weeks were super rough. But her sweet demeanor and silly cat antics have kept me feeling light hearted and full of love.


It was a cold snowy Saturday when we drove up to the nearest shelter to meet the cats available for adoption. It took about 15 seconds for us to realize she was the One. But we took a few days to think it over and make sure we were prepared for the commitment. By Tuesday we knew. I drove back up during my lunch hour and picked her up. She’s ours and we can’t believe our good luck. Boy do we love her so.

*named after my favorite poet.


4 thoughts on “Mary Oliver

  1. Oh, Mary Oliver, I recognize that look. You are an adoring angel, absolutely in love with your cat sister Natanya. Lucky for both of you. The right match at the right time! kitty kisses, Keri

    1. Natanya Green says:

      I absolutely thought of you Keri when we had to take her on a three hour road trip down to CT last week. You are the master of cat roadtrips! xo

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