A secret Christmas river walk


Wednesday morning was so beautiful. And delightfully I had the whole day to explore – no errands to run (it was Christmas after all) and nothing to do. I put on my boots, hat, and jacket and took the party outside.


Lo! I found a secret bridge and trail to the river! Ok, maybe not so secret, but I had no idea it was there when we arrived in Beacon Falls last week. It was so refreshing to take a walk by the water and feel the cold crisp air. Lately I’ve noticed how much I crave the outdoors. Too much time inside in front of the computer screen is deadening. Nothing renews like a wide open sky and rushing water. It was exactly what I needed.


If only I had brought gloves! I couldn’t bear to stay out longer because my fingers were absolutely frozen through. The short time exploring the area was enough. I felt great. And had a lot of fun besides. Scroll down to check out the little animated gif I made under the bridge…

photo 1River-walk


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