Core desired feelings for 2014

Like last year, Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map was my golden compass going into the new year. So in late December I re-read the manifesto and again completed the workbook exercises. This year, 2014, the words that I have selected have selected me, the words that will be my guideposts and my north stars, are spacious, generous, and wise. These are the feelings I wish to feel more fully by year’s end – words that for me, run deeply with layered meaning and possibility.

CDFsSpacious is a peaceful heart. Long walks in nature. Spacious is a clean fridge and an organized closet. Contentedness, gratitude. Spacious is a deep exhale and pregnant pause; a deliberate remark and quiet reflection. Spacious makes room for guests and creates boundaries around sacred moments alone. Spacious can hold any feeling and accepts whatever shows up. Spacious is akin to lengthy letters home and using real ink instead of email. Spacious has time to spare.

Generous is a wide smile. Generous is devoted but will not deplete herself in the giving. Generous is abundance. Generous always shares what is hers and Generous never worries about having enough. Generous takes pleasure in all the senses – sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touch. Generous believes in playing hostess and making everyday special. Generous spends on her friends, both time and money. She knows that little moments of connection over time are what hold us together in our grief and despair. Generous forgives, lets go, gives back, and holds space. Generous makes everything from scratch. Generous lives for fun and can express herself freely. Generous loves to love.

Wise is an intuitive yes. Wise knows. Wise never demands, instead, Wise nudges. Wise is a long-term planner and thinks ahead. Wise takes her time. Wise believes in a magic inside of us and in an eternal soul. Wise does not like to wait, wise is comfortable taking risks. Wise lives in a state of wild unknown. She keeps pets, Tickle and Itch. Wise has done this before and will do it again and is still not bored. (She doesn’t even know the word). Wise practices over and over and over but never with perfection in mind, only the pure joy of Doing. Wise imitates no one. Wise does not fear change wishes nothing different for the present moment. Wise truly is.


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