I am this wanting

I have goals for 2014. BIG scary hairy goals and small unobtrusive goals. Goals that go up, goals that go down, goals, goals, goals of all kinds. My brain’s left hemisphere loves January because January is the month of GOALS. The fresh page, the new start, the empty calendar in which to jot these goals and plan for their fruition. But the right hemisphere, well, she bubbles and burps, and gasps and groans her desire beyond what limited linear understanding the logical LeftBrain can tolerate. What kind of goal is that? grumbles the LeftBrain. No S.M.A.R.T. goals to document and plan for and execute. Its a soul filled extra sensory yearning to BE. So, with that in mind, here’s what the RightBrain has to say this January.

I want to write more

I want to laugh more


                    hug more

I want to BE. ALL. of ME.   (ALL)

I want to love YOU.   (The Divine Everything)

       I AM this wanting.


What does your RightBrain want this year?


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