Savoring the brief weekend visit from Simeon. The few days he spends here each week are feeling like they’re getting shorter and shorter.

Snuggling my cat morning and night.

Eating lots of bacon. I love bacon.

Writing a letter to a pen pal who doesn’t know she’s going to be my pen pal yet.

Talking on the phone to my bestie while she drives across the country. Lucky for me, she’s moving within driving distance!

Listening to lots of Ruth Moody whose music matches my own moodiness.

Applauding Brushy One String at his performance at Mass MoCA this weekend.

Journaling my heart out. So. Much. to Process.

Spending quality time with good friends.

Rearranging the furniture in the house. It’s soothing to start fresh.

Playing Cards Against Humanity and crying from laughter.

Trying new cheeses practically everyday.

Searching for the perfect wedding gown and enlisting friends to help.

Anticipating the next big steps for my little family.

Planning the details of one of the most important days of my life.

Ignoring the voices in my head that saying, “Can’t//Won’t//Ya right//Uh-uh”.

Expressing gratitude for all the gifts of my life and all the blessings I know are on their way come.

Addressing the Save the Dates. Mailing those babies this week!

Watching ‘Breaking Bad’ like its my job.

Reading Cold Mountain for the first time and loving it.

Breathing through all the fear and doubt about the future.

Forgiving myself daily.

Buying fresh flowers for the house.

Expanding the limits I’ve set for myself and re-imagining who I think I am.


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