Easy photo display

photo 1

It’s  tradition in my family to save the fortune cookie fortunes from Chinese restaurants. After dinner or take-out we stuff those little paper scraps into wallets or stash them for safekeeping until we can get them to the Fortune Jar. At my parents

house the jar is jammed with fortunes from the past couple decades. It’s fun to watch the pile grow and reading through the fortunes is really the best part. Some of them are funny, some are poignant, but all remind me of dinners spent together as a family.

photo 2

When Simeon and I moved in together I wanted to start the tradition in our home too. I found a jar from Goodwill with a charming cork top that worked perfectly. Our fortunes went on display  on a side table in the living room (obviously from the picture you can there aren’t any great Chinese restaurants in our area!).

It wasn’t I received a collection of Instagram prints in the mail from PostalPix that an even better idea hit. After displaying some of the photos in an installation grid on the wall I wanted to try a few new uses for them. I picked a favorite of me and Sim and added it to the jar. The 4×4 size print fits perfectly and it’s such a fun and funky frame!

photo 3

Easy photo display in seconds. I love when good ideas collide and the execution takes no time at all.

photo 4


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