Save the dates

savethedatesThere are so many beautiful wedding paper products on offer these days. And scrolling through the options can be dizzying. While searching for the perfect cards I realized that I was getting too hung up on finding the perfect style. I wanted the design to really showcase Simeon and my personalities which led to a deep internal investigation into whether we are more stripes than dots, more gold foil than letter-pressed, or more watercolor than bold type kind of people… I never did come up with an answer to those questions. But, when I finally lifted my head from the computer and thought through what I really wanted, I realized how much I wanted to make something rather than buy it.

I’m a big believer that working towards a goal is one of the keys to happiness and I wanted to make memories along the way to the wedding, not just on the big day. Newly determined, I set out to find my materials.

As a Project Life-er I have an excess of scrapbook cards that I haven’t yet used. This became a perfect way to use up my stash more quickly and make use of something I already owned without spending a dime.

photo 1I thought the cards for the Midnight edition of the scrapbook pack would be perfect due to their beautiful design, neutral color scheme, and minimalist aesthetic. Plus a bunch of them have hearts. Hearts!

Meanwhile, I had been dreaming of making a customized stamp after seeing this pin and realized the scrapbook cards would make the perfect pairing. I was also inspired by the colorful and fun surprise of Ann-Marie Morris’ save the dates and knew I wanted to try something similar.

Everything was moving along swiftly until I went online to order glassine envelopes like those Ann-Marie had used. I couldn’t find any that would perfectly fit a 3×4 card. The options available were either too large or too small and I wasn’t willing to give up on my vision. I remedied the situation by repurposing a stack of tracing paper I had on hand to make something up myself.

photo 1I dashed out an envelope template from scratch two episodes of Breaking Bad later I had all the squares cut and folded. #crisisaverted


Simeon was a great assistant gluing all the envelopes while I stuffed them with the cards and a bit of colorful confetti.

photo 2


While wandering around Michel’s one evening trying to find the perfect kraft cardstock to use for the backing I came upon packs of blank, folded 4×6 kraft cards and matching envelopes. Immediately, I saw the potential. I cut the cards in half, and after throwing in a pinch of confetti, taped the vellum envelopes down with strips of gold washi tape.

IMG_3846The last step was to stamp and address all the envelopes! Below you can see the process. I started with a banner stamp from Whitney Rae Paper for the addressee and a custom stamp with our return address for the back. I added a monogram stamp I designed (which matched our invitations!) and finished with a couple strips of washi tape. And I’m thankful for the companionship of Breaking Bad Season 2 while I addressed these. Funny story, while I was watching one particular episode I was so caught up in the drama that my writing hand started shaking from my nervousness and I had to stop! Simeon thought I was crazy, appropriately so. 😉

IMG_3895The goal was to create a lovingly crafted piece of mail that would inspire our guests and create anticipation for our big day. I LOVE how these turned out and from the feedback from our friends and family I think we met our goal. If you have any questions about the process or materials let me know!


6 thoughts on “Save the dates

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    I love the care and planning that went into these cards. It says everything about the two of you and the things that have meaning love you too Grandama

  2. […] in my book. All this takes is tracing paper, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil! Since sharing my Save the date project I thought I’d share my process for making the mini envelopes I used to hold our info […]

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